Crafting campaigns with a sharp commercial focus

Advertising is everywhere. But how much of it do you actually notice? To be effective, B2B advertising needs to deliver inspiring and motivating communications. Only by doing this will it raise awareness, improve perceptions and generate enquiries or sales.

There are two key types:

  • Brand-led advertising amplifies your brand at a high level, without overtly selling.
  • Tactical, service/product-led advertising engages and motivates a target audience to behave in a particular way, depending on your business objectives. It might ask the target to request a demo, find out more or buy a product.

A tried and trusted approach

We know what works to give your B2B advertising the best chance of being effective. First, as part of our planning phase, we agree very clear business objectives for the advertising campaign. This allows us to know what success looks like.

Our advertising team combines strategists and creatives who work closely together. They use their B2B knowledge and experience to analyse your target audience, taking care to see things from the customer perspective. That gives them a clear understanding about the most engaging message and the most effective channels to use. This is defined into a Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Focussing on the core idea

Our creative teams work with the USP uppermost in their minds, developing a strong compelling theme and messaging that captures the audience’s attention, hearts and minds.

Rather than jumping straight onto the Mac, our clients like the fact that we concentrate on the big idea. This helps you to see things clearly at an early stage and to consider the idea, rather than worrying about details such as colourways, typefaces and font sizes at this stage.

Skills and experience working together

Once you select your preferred concept, our talented team of in-house art directors, designers, animators and copywriters craft the ads, bringing to life campaigns that deliver tangible results.

To drive this commercial success, our marketing strategists put in place sophisticated tracking to monitor campaign effectiveness, helping us to hone our campaign to meet your goals and objectives. We then regularly review progress to assess effectiveness and how best to build on the campaign moving forward.

Our team has years of experience in all advertising media, including Facebook, Twitter, video roll ads, online banners, radio, TV, cinema, outdoor, press and door to door.

Want to hear more?

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