Be the star of the show

Whether you want to launch a new product, raise your brand profile, generate new leads or manage relationships with existing customers, then events and exhibitions should play a starring role.

Squeezing maximum value from your stand

It may sound obvious, but the most important thing to do at the start is to set your objective. Why are you going and what are you looking to achieve?

We’ll put a schedule in place and start planning well ahead of the show so elements such as electrics, IT hire, catering, and fork-lift trucks are all booked well in advance. You may even get an early bird discount this way.

A concept or theme for the show is vital. We look at this at an early on, so your promotional materials, press information and stand design reflect and convey a consistent message.

Exhibitions & events

Telling everyone you’re there

Of course you need to let everyone know you’re going. That’s when social media comes into its own and our team is well versed in maximising social media to maximum effect.

Events and exhibitions are also a great focus for PR. As well as the obvious pre and post show releases, we ensure media briefings, wherever possible are pre-arranged at the shows. We identify suitable speakers slots, check out sponsorship opportunities that might exist, including daily news broadcasts or exhibitor goody-bags, and make use of a myriad of other opportunities.

Creating stands with stand out

Clear B2B has the in-house expertise to help you use your allocated space to create stand-out and get noticed in the right way. We consider height, weight and health and safety, right down to where to put your sofas. We can also advise you on how to work the stand, making the most of the investment you’ve put into it. Through a proper briefing we outline how best to connect with visitors, discuss the correct way of capturing that valuable data and make sure you’ve organised a breaks rota so everyone can be refreshed and raring to go.

Our team knows that anything’s possible when it comes to events and exhibitions. We'll use our imagination and experience to help you create the best possible stand, providing maximum value.

Have a brief?

We work with Clients in many different ways. Some have fully formed briefs and others just share the problem. Wherever you’re at, let’s just start the conversation.

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