Your key to a profitable future

A strongly defined brand proposition makes your organisation stand out and gives it a point of difference to attract and engage your target audiences. The strength of your brand is vital if you want to cut through the information overload in today’s crowded marketplace.

Your brand can be a shortcut to attract attention, drawing customers to you as their first choice which gives you an immediate sales advantage. But a strong brand offers more than a short-term benefit. If you succeed in making an emotional connection, by creating a personality and experience that your audiences identify with, you’ll build customer engagement and loyalty that lasts for years and accelerates future growth.


Making your brand message ring true

At the very outset, Clear B2B will put your brand at the heart of our thinking. We immerse ourselves in your organisation and ensure we understand your strengths and weaknesses, as well as what you stand for. We ask searching questions and help strengthen your brand internally because a brand claim has to be based on a truth, otherwise it unravels the moment customers have any contact with you.

We look at what your brand means to customers, by getting under their skin to see it through their eyes. To do this we talk to potential and existing customers, and also run internal ‘customer shoes’ workshops to help precisely pinpoint your emotional drivers from the inside.

We develop your brand from these core truths and enhance and amplify it into a strong character and personality, as it’s only in this way that you can make a genuine emotional connection with your audiences. We then bring it to life internally and externally by developing strategic and creative communications programmes, making sure everything is aligned towards achieving your business goals and vision.

A complete brand service

Clear B2B’s team has wide ranging experience in differentiating and positioning brands that deliver exceptional results for many organisations in the UK and globally.

In particular we can help you with:

  • Capabilities analysis and alignment
  • Developments around your purpose, vision, mission, values and offerings
  • Research and audits – customers, internal, competitors analysis and gap analysis
  • Corporate or product/service brand proposition development, opportunities and strategy
  • Defining brand positioning, storytelling and messaging
  • Developing brand visual language, tone of voice and image libraries
  • Brand initiatives, marketing activities, sponsorships and other
  • Creating corporate and brand logos/identities
  • Guidelines, standards and management

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