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Manufacturers are continually looking to improve products, increase productivity and lower production costs. They do so to bring products to market that will satisfy the increasing demands of customers and stay one step ahead of competitors.

This has resulted in a substantial increase in affiliations within their supply chains. They increasingly rely on OEMs and distributors to satisfy lower volume and/or standard product sales or large territories, while sales teams focus on higher volume or value orders.

New technologies such as 3D modelling, rapid prototyping and 3D printing are all helping to speed up bringing products to market. More diverse materials such as Inconel, ceramics, elastomers and polymers, also provide important competitive advantages.

How our specialist knowledge helps

We understand that industrial sectors have lengthy buying cycles, preferred supplier lists, tender processing and third parties, all part of a global supply chain. You may face the challenge of marketing your products directly or indirectly through distributors or resellers.

We’ve got the experience to know the importance of marketing for both new sales and other value add services, such as aftersales and training, presenting an opportunity to engage with customers during the full lifetime of your product.

We have spent decades nurturing relationships with trade bodies such as GTMA, BPMA, IMechE, EIA, BSI to help us get an inside track on your sector. Likewise, we’ve nurtured links with key trade press, giving you a head start when releasing information.

If you have global B2B communications needs, then our worldwide network can help, with experience and trade press contacts across the globe.

We help manufacturers within a number of industrial fields, such as pump equipment and servicing, machine tooling, technical rubbers, adhesives, paint and industrial coatings and others.

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