IOBAC is a technology company providing the flooring and heating industry with new, transformative solutions. Clear B2B was brought on board to raise awareness of the IOBAC brand and its cutting-edge solutions amongst the UK’s architects, interior designers, facility managers, flooring contractors and manufacturers.


IOBAC wanted to challenge traditional flooring issues and encourage discussion around the benefits of modern, more inherently flexible and sustainable flooring methods. Clear set about heightening IOBAC’s brand awareness amongst its target audiences with a content development and media relations programme that adopted a thought leadership approach.

To kick this programme off, Clear B2B invited a select group of key press to IOBAC’s HQ to introduce them to the team and see its innovative flooring solutions in action. This included a partnership with a renowned building industry influencer with 250,000 YouTube subscribers, resulting in a video that received over 16,000 views in the first two weeks of it being live.

Results have been impressive with ROI 10x client investment. 100 per cent earned coverage – secured in many leading flooring, design and construction industry publications – with each piece averaging over a page in length. Clear has also secured coverage in top flooring titles in the U.S.


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