Make better informed marketing decisions

When you’re making decisions on the direction of your marketing communications, it stands to reason that you want to base them on research and insight you can trust. By employing and analysing comprehensive research, carried out to industry best-practices, you’ll benefit from in depth, relevant data, and ultimately enjoy greater ROI.

Allowing your customers to speak their mind

Independent research among your customers is a fundamental step when developing either a brand or campaign proposition. It provides the research and insight to ensure that the work we develop for you encapsulates the uniqueness of your brand, product or offering and addresses the needs of your customers based on first-hand evidence.

Because we’re a third party, you’ll find your customers open up and answer questions in a much more honest way than if you asked them directly, revealing powerful insight that can inform your communications in a profound way.


Whatever you are trying to find out, our experience shows that a mix of qualitative research (to seek out views) followed by quantitative research (to substantiate and test the qualitative findings) offers the best results.

We prepare research interviews, online questionnaires and surveys with careful consideration, stemming from a clear purpose: what are you looking to find out? We make sure there’s no room for ambiguity and the order of questions flows logically to elicit the most valuable responses.

When telephone interviewing, our team are fully trained in the art of asking open-ended and leading questions. They also have finely tuned listening skills because they know that what isn’t said can be just as important as what is.

A skilled team on your side

Whether you need telephone or face-to-face interviews, online and email surveys, our team have the skills and ‘tactics’ needed to gather the most insightful information. They can design and carry out research and surveys to measure customers’ attitudes, opinions and perceptions, market/industry insights, competitor reviews, employee engagement and motivation.

They can also deal with any language barriers, employing translators or using our links with Worldwide Partners, the world’s largest network of independent agencies.

Finally, our planning team will analyse the results and dig down deep to extract meaningful insight that will inform the marketing plan.

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