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Health and safety is an investment not a cost

Leading organisations in H&S are finding greater success in engaging customers in a more positive way. They are changing the way guidance, products and services are being delivered, making them more accessible and easier to implement. Good safety and health is more affordable when the ROI is taken into account and this understanding is now gaining favour with customers.

Large successful organisations are increasingly aware that engaged employees and their well-being has a direct influence on productivity. With that in mind, many now prioritise a culture of healthy, sustainable work practices and environmental regulations.

However, intense cost pressures and the complexities of all businesses mean that there is still a great deal of resistance, and gaining an appropriate level of investment in H&S is still a challenge.

Behavioural habits are also hard to change and the wide-ranging attitudes across the world are a major challenge for global organisations.

How our specialist knowledge helps

Our understanding and experience of working across several industries means we understand the cultures and priorities of your audience. But whatever your organisation, for H&S products and services to be most successful, senior leader engagement is key.

Getting their buy-in can be tough, but relating health and safety deliverables to improved performance, resilience or results will attract their attention. We use compelling messages that might focus on higher productivity, more engaged employees and enhanced reputation, resulting in less sickness, grievances or disengaged employees, fewer legal battles and less reputational damage.

We also understand the importance of influencing third parties, such as specifiers, contractors, distributors, trainers and installers, and balance the need for new innovations with sound industry knowledge. With that in mind we keep bang up to date with clinical standards, regulations, serialisation/traceability and compliance.

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