Rewarding the behaviour you want

Customers don’t always do what you hope they will, but you can stack the odds in your favour. That’s where promotions and incentives come in. Promotional marketing is all about encouraging your target market to act in a certain way – and rewarding them when they do.

Perhaps you need a short term or tactical way to prompt a fast response. Or maybe you want to trump a competitor’s offering for a quick win or simply achieve more stand out. Promotional marketing can create deeper engagement with existing or potential resellers, or it can simply get you in there before the competition and make you their first choice.


Squeezing more from your promotions

Getting your promotional marketing campaigns right can be a tricky balancing act. You have to offer something your audience wants, but you also have to foresee demand and limit your risk. Clear B2B has the skills and experience to help you tread this line.

More than that, we add extra value to your promotion by tying it in tightly with your brand values, making it more memorable and bringing your brand to life. Even the reward mechanism can play a part in engaging the audience with your brand, reflecting your culture and showing your audience how well you understand them.

A valuable tool in the B2B marketing mix

We have a highly experienced promotional marketing team at Clear B2B. They make promotions and incentives work hard for you whether you need enhanced distributor engagement, more visitors to stop at your exhibition stand, a boost in internal performance, better response and data capture from your communications, an uplift in stock commitments, more ways to cross sell and upsell or simply to build loyalty.

Not only do they understand what works, but they are also up to speed with all legislative considerations and opportunities. As part of a worldwide network we are also mindful of cultures and attitudes across the globe.

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