Putting the business back into B2B

The success of any marketing communications activity is almost always determined by the strategic planning behind it. It’s our ‘behind the scenes’ thinking that lays the foundation for work that provides real results. Helping you get to where you want to be.

Our strategic planning process always starts with the same question: What do you want to achieve commercially? Once we know your destination we can carry out the groundwork to discover the most effective way to get there.

Strategy & planning

This might include conversations with clients and prospects to uncover insights, gems and opportunities, encouraging them to open up to us as an external independent. This helps us see your company from the outside in, providing a valuable customer perspective.

The right B2B communications for the right audience

Using this information we help prioritise your audiences, developing plans to talk to them in the most effective way possible. We put in place a brand alignment and messaging strategy that will hit the right touchpoints in a relevant way – from both an emotional and rational viewpoint.

All the time we bear in mind the commercial aims of your sales, marketing and other departments. By creating integrated strategies and planned programmes we can move you from where you are now to where you want to be – with benefits for your entire organisation.

Experience gets results

Masterminding all this deep thinking is a team with many years of combined experience, specialist marketers who put their minds to your business with the express purpose of getting results.

They can help with any aspect of strategic planning, from reviewing your entire marketing communications strategy or aligning global capabilities and communications, to taking on a single region, challenge or project.

Want to hear more?

We like to stay in touch with our clients and contacts to share advice, tips and industry updates about the world of B2B marketing and PR