Precision targeting of high value accounts

ABM is about focussing sales and marketing efforts around specifically defined accounts with high yield potential. Rather than simply filling the sales funnel with a mixture of leads, an Account Based Marketing strategy hones in on a selected few companies.

We can help you create and issue carefully curated, relevant content based on behaviours, so that your offer is front-of-mind in advance of the sales team making an approach.

Account Based Marketing

The process can be split into five steps:

1. Find high value potential accounts: Taking a steer from best current customers, competitors’ customers or previous opportunities you wish you’d won.

2. Identify the messaging: Understand the challenges your target organisations are facing and position your messaging around how you would resolve those problems.

3. Tailor communications to roles and personas: You’ll need to generate content to satisfy the interests of several personas and roles with influence in your target organisations.

4. Use the most effective channels, software tools and automation: For a targeted list, outbound emails, advertising, retargeting and social media can lead prime targets to your website and on a wider scale IP identification software can help identify when a contact has visited your website.

5. Make it personal: Real human contact is vital to build belief and trust. ABM supports this by giving your sales team more relevant marketing content to reference in conversations and emails to keep the dialogue open.

By aligning your sales and marketing efforts to use highly customised content, you can significantly improve results. Clear can use ABM to reduce the length of a sales cycle, provide measurable results and boost ROI. What's not to like?

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