Delivering a consistent message globally

DHL initially appointed us to help align and communicate their supply chain capabilities. They wanted to make themselves more relevant to sector-specific challenges, at the same time making their own offerings more consistent.

We targeted new prospects and existing customers, in key growth regions across the world, to increase awareness of the benefits of using DHL as a single provider of end-to-end supply chain services.

A growing remit

Since then, our work with DHL has grown and evolved. Today we develop comprehensive lead generation and nurturing initiatives for them. We use automated marketing programmes together with tailored white papers, collateral and presentations that are specifically targeted at a wide range of industries.

Our work on an array of inspiring case studies has also brought to life their innovative approach and underlined the company’s strong global and local knowledge of its customers’ businesses.

Cultivating relationships

By equipping the sales teams with powerful, focused marketing materials, we have helped to ensure they present a consistent message globally. Our automated marketing and quality content has inspired prospects, opening up doors to widen DHL Supply Chain’s global footprint.

Thanks to the strength of our work we have now become a lead agency for DHL Supply Chain, developing and supporting its marketing strategies worldwide.

Clear B2B is a true partner agency, asking all the right questions to achieve the highest quality work.

They are engaged, thorough and driven to achieve the best possible outcome.

Dana Brazwell , Marketing Manager, DHL Supply Chain Americas