Creative and design

Open eyes, change minds, inspire action

Great creative and design is key to engaging your audiences, enabling you to grab attention and tell your stories through big, memorable ideas. We bring your corporate brand and offerings to life through original and captivating creativity that takes you beyond the reach of competitors.

What do you want to achieve?

It’s the most important question any agency can ask. Whether the medium is a video, an ad campaign, a suite of brochures or a full rebrand, the starting point should always be the desired outcome. This makes sure we provide the right recommendations and creative solutions to meet your business and marketing objectives.

How we get there is a matter of strategy, creativity and craft, matching keen insight with fresh ideas and a dedication to detail.

A proven process

First we ask lots of questions, listening hard to the answers, so we get to know your business inside out. What are your objectives? Who is your audience? How about your competitors? And what challenges do you face? Using interviews, research and workshops, we build a clear picture to shape the all-important brief.

Next, as a team, we wrestle with nailing down the single-minded proposition. Focusing on this we create and develop the ‘big idea’, which our award-winning team of copywriters, art directors, designers and digital animators then translate into intelligent and beautifully crafted communications and campaigns. This means we achieve genuine cut through to meet your business objectives head on.

A curious team

Our creative team are naturally driven by curiosity. It keeps them fresh and abreast of the latest web and design trends, which they apply to their creativity and thinking. The result? Break-through ideas and inspiring campaigns that resonate with your customers and prospects alike, to build an engaging and unified brand.

Clear B2B’s imagination and commercial intelligence can be applied to any communications medium including advertising, videos, brochures, lead generation, lead nurturing programmes, point of sale, exhibition stands, promotional incentive campaigns, email or traditional direct mail.

Creative and design