A market driven by innovation

The aerospace, defence and security (ADS) industry finds itself in an increasingly challenging predicament. In recent years, military spending globally has been under immense pressure, governments around the world have started barely any significant new weapons programmes and even fewer are on the horizon.

What’s more, for the past decade, departments and ministries of defence have been turning their attention to vendors who aren’t part of the core defence industry. In particular, aerospace leaders are looking at technology firms to deliver products in shorter time frames and with more agility than legacy ADS companies. To counteract this trend, many ADS companies are building a growth plan around product lines adjacent to their primary markets, involving digital technologies such as cybersecurity.

The commercial aerospace sub-sector on the other hand is expected to continue its decade-long trend of above-average growth rates. This is driven by an increasing demand for passenger travel and an accelerated equipment replacement cycle. Strong increases year-on-year of global revenue passenger kilometres are leading to an unprecedented level of aircraft production rates, which in 2015 was about twice the level experienced ten years ago.

The security sector is broad and highly innovative, offering many opportunities. It ranges from the provision of alarm systems and personal protective equipment, to the most complex communication interception technologies; Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) detection equipment to unmanned air vehicles.

How our specialist knowledge helps

Clear B2B has worked closely and highly successfully with ADS sector clients in all parts of the industry, from supply chain to tier one and two manufacturers, OEMs, aftermarket specialists and MROs.

By intelligent use of PR presence and direct marketing or nurturing, we can help you be seen in a good light by manufacturers and other tiers. Inspiring content will position you as thought leaders so when your clients look for improved solutions, they will be more receptive to your innovations and what you can provide. We ensure our B2B communications build confidence in your company. This is of particular importance in this sector where tried-and-tested is often key and absolute safety / zero failure is vital. We help your voice to be heard over other players by using creativity in appropriate ways, helping you to start debates or host industry forums to raise the profile of new or different approaches.

In order to understand the right touchpoints, and to be able to speak with authority on your behalf, we participate in several professional bodies. We are members of ADS, WEAF, MAA and the Royal Aeronautical Society, which keeps up to speed with the latest technologies, trends and market developments. It also means we can talk to our clients as peers, with an excellent understanding of the latest technologies, future trends and the demands of the markets.

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