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Is ‘more’ really merrier when it comes to marketing and PR?

As we head into the festive season we are bombarded with exhortations to be happy and daily references to merriment. However for the cynical amongst us the seemingly endless task list before the Christmas holiday commences is making you feel anything but merry. 

Which led us to think if ‘the more the merrier’ could be more marketing and public relations resource help your business deliver better results – and of course help you enjoy this season of good cheer knowing you have the right support to hand to be more effective in the year ahead.

Feel better in an instant
It’s the perfect time to take a break, reach for a cuppa and a mince pie and make space in your schedule. After all its Christmas time and you’ll feel much better if you ask yourself:

  • Which activities are really time critical?
  • How much of it is ‘nice to have’?
  • Are there tasks that won’t deliver a return on investment?

This is often a process that can also work well with others in the team, as they are likely to be feeling the strain, and as the saying goes ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’.

A fresh pair of eyes
Now refreshed and with a more realistic list of requirements in front of you there is one more burning question: 

  • Could someone else do the work more effectively?

Whether you turn to someone else in your team or an agency for support, you’ll not only be getting an extra pair of hands, you’ll also be accessing a fresh mind. 

However, when you turn to an agency, you’ll be accessing the power of a group of minds, with all the potential that brings of seeing your world differently. This will provide new ideas that may help you to achieve your goals a lot quicker. Sometimes we can be so familiar with our own business and the obstacles we anticipate, we fail to see the obvious. Fresh eyes with different experiences can certainly pay unexpected dividends.

One obvious benefit of turning to an agency is tapping into expertise that can hit the ground running. Finding the right skills and attitude quickly can be difficult. A good agency will give you access to a pool of skills and people that are familiar with turning their hand to new projects and activities very quickly. This is what they do every day. 

Partnering for the long term
Partnering with an agency can feel like a big decision and one that is harder to make when you’re under pre-holiday pressure. But potentially this could be the best time to start to build an agency relationship, or at least think about where it might fit in the New Year. 

Maybe you can take advantage of working together tactically on a shorter term project ahead of longer term commitments to help decide if you’ve found the right support for you and your business. After all, the best way to know if something truly works is to try it.

If there is time for someone to learn the job and you foresee support being required in the medium term maybe a freelancer will be the perfect solution. However, with freelance resource you are dependent on individuals to service your business needs, and the associated risk that they can switch allegiance when they need to. When you use an agency it takes the responsibility to provide the capacity and skill your business needs and absorbs the learning curve across a number of individuals in order to fulfill its obligations to your business.

A full service marketing and PR agency, like Clear B2B, gives you rapid access to specialist services as and when you need them. So, whether you need a videographer, cartoonist, a web builder, a copywriter, an event manager or an ad designer, we take the time to understand our clients’ businesses. This means we can assign the right people, access specialist partners and work with you to hit those deadlines with marketing communications that make us all feel proud.

Many minds, brighter solutions
Even if you only have day to day contact with one or two people within the agency, you are likely to be benefitting from many more creative minds. And not only their minds, but all their experiences and a multitude of client work. At Clear B2B we are always thinking about our clients' businesses: the markets they are in and how they can stand-out from the competition. We care about much more than the immediate project work because we aim to help clients exceed delivery of their objectives. We involve the whole agency in order to have many eyes and ears on the markets we cover. This generates new ideas for our clients all the time.

So more really can be merrier! If you want more capacity whist getting access to brighter ideas, faster than your competition, then partnering with an agency like Clear B2B could really make all the difference to your future success.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you deliver your marketing and public relations projects in 2018 then it’s time to talk.

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Graphic demonstrating news content
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