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Being Clear on wellness in the workplace

Stress and other mental health-related problems account for 70 million working days lost every year. With this number only looking to increase, what can be done to promote balance and wellness? We asked some of the Clear B2B team for their top tips…

“I’m a big fan of changing up my environment – I’ll mix up taking in art exhibitions in London with pounding the streets of Manchester, soaking up the fashion and culture. And of course, we have fantastic countryside on our doorstep too. Even within the office I move around to different rooms and desks depending on the brief I’m grappling with. Some of the best creative ideas come when you’re away from the meeting room or mac."

Bryan, Creative Director


“Keeping one step ahead on projects and staying organised is key to managing stress for me. I’ve used mind mapping for years as an effective way of gathering and analysing information and capturing ideas. Just recently I’ve tried bullet journaling, I like the principles and have started to apply them, but I won’t be taking it as seriously as some people – check out Instagram or YouTube if you haven’t seen this craze already!”

Jas, Senior Account Manager


“The flexible working we have makes getting down to Cornwall to see my family on the weekend a lot easier - I can leave earlier to beat the traffic down West without compromising my working week. Quality time with family is important, especially as I have young nieces and nephews, and no-one can make me laugh like my Dad!”

Taylor, Account Manager


“I know this might sound like a weird one, but I like to have a voluntary position outside of the ‘day job’. It gives another perspective, allowing you to use your skills in a different way, and develop new ones. That can be refreshing and stimulating. Currently I volunteer for Pets as Therapy with my cocker spaniel, Brig. We work with a local hospital and children’s bereavement charity. It’s really moving to see the difference animals can make to people.”

Rachel M, Managing Director


“We all know that exercise releases feel good endorphins and getting outside to play golf or cricket for me is a great way to de-stress. Not only is it sport that I’ll commit to (unlike my gym membership!) but they’re really social too. It’s a good feeling to be part of a team outside of work too. It’s a win-win, although my wife may not see it that way when I’m out every weekend this summer!”

Chris, Group Account Director


“OK, so in truth I haven’t managed this fully as yet, but I have significantly cut down my screen time out of work and I’m noticing such a change already. It’s easy in this day and age to be constantly ‘on’, flicking from email to Facebook to Instagram and then back again in a never-ending circle. But you need to have down time – even if that is to fully embrace a toddler tantrum in all its glory!” 

Ally, Group Account Director


“I love lots of types of exercise but recently I have got more and more into my yoga. I do it at home after the kids have gone to bed using the “Yoga with Adrienne” channel on YouTube. As well as being good for the body, it really helps to clear my mind from a crazy day in the studio. I’ll often get a different perspective on a project or solution after a session on the mat.” 

Jayne, Senior Designer


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Graphic demonstrating news content
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