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Keep control of your brand message with B2B media training

If you want great media coverage, it is essential that you’re seen and heard on a regular basis. Journalists are always looking for interesting and engaging stories and, especially in the current climate, trade publications and national press are hungry for spokespeople willing to comment on how COVID-19 is impacting their business, and to predict the way businesses will operate in ‘the new normal’.

Media training is fundamental to delivering successful media interviews - and in the absence of being able to guide our clients through our normal full, face-to-face training sessions, Clear B2B is now offering media training ‘lite’ sessions remotely for those new to this area or anyone wanting to freshen up their skills.

Why get media trained?

  • Position yourself and business powerfully so people take notice of what you say
  • Clearly and concisely define your key messages
  • Develop and practise prepared responses to difficult questions
  • Learn to control the situation
  • Lessen the risk of being mis quoted
  • Feel confident in any interview scenario

What’s the format?

Facilitated by our own PR and press experts, we’ll walk you through:

  • Q&A preparation
  • Press interview scenarios (one interview per person)
  • Top tips for a smooth interview
  • Specific feedback on how to improve your own interview performance

All sessions will be carried out via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and interview practice can be recorded. Sessions can accommodate a maximum of three people and run for 1-3 hours, depending on requirements.

Learning, or sharpening, media handling skills pay off multiple times over. For more information drop Ally a line on 01285 616000 / 07827 221697.


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Graphic demonstrating news content
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