Training and Workshops

Increasing the value of your teams

A better understanding of B2B marketing brings numerous benefits to your marketing team and your organisation as a whole.

Training in specific skills helps your marketing team work more effectively. It can pick up on areas where improvements need to be made or simply keep your team up to date with the latest thinking or research.

Workshops can improve the wider organisation’s appreciation of what you are trying to achieve with your brand, marketing or campaigns. They are also a great way to gain input, perspective and insight from other departments. The result? A stronger corporate brand, better aligned capabilities, a more cohesive strategy and deeper insight into messaging, activities or future plans.

Made to measure for your business needs

Every organisation is different, which is why we provide bespoke marcoms training and workshops to meet the needs of your particular organisation. Tailor-made sessions ensure you get the most from your time.

Our approach to training and workshops is to make them practical and interactive. Most importantly, focusing on delivering learnings, insights, outcomes or skills that you can put into practice immediately, bringing instant benefits.

The skills to deliver

Of course, the value you get from a workshop or training session is immeasurably increased by the skills of the facilitators. Clear B2B has over 25 years experience in this area and our experts bring energy and a genuine enthusiasm - engaging and drawing out responses even from the quietest members of your team.

They have extensive marcoms experience over a wide range of areas including all marketing disciplines, brand development, lead generation, customer relationships, briefing tools, critiquing creative concepts, media buying, social media and copy writing. They deliver workshops, webinars and events, in-house or off site, all tailored to get the very best from every participant.